Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Now Open PTU, Pirates & Persistent Hangars

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 is now available in open PTU, offering improvements, stability, and updates to cargo missions and Arena Commander modes. Pirate Week introduces new pirate-themed ship skins and a badge that unlocks the ability to purchase pirate ships, while the latest Inside Star Citizen episode discusses the future of cargo and persistent hangars, including physicalized cargo, customizable hangars, and extended gameplay opportunities.

In Star Citizen news, Alpha 3.20 is now available in open PTU (Public Test Universe). To access the test servers, players need a game package and can copy their account to the PTU via the RSI website. The patch includes various improvements, polish, and stability, along with updates to cargo missions and Arena Commander modes. The official live release of 3.20 is expected by the end of September, although some people speculate that it might be held back for CitizenCon. There may or may not be a wipe for the live build, depending on the stability of the patch.

During Pirate Week, players can earn the pirate aggressor badge by completing Pirate Swarm in Arena Commander. This badge unlocks the ability to purchase the pirate Gladius and pirate Caterpillar ships. Additionally, there are new pirate-themed ship skins available for the Mercury, Hercules, Aries, and Eclipse. Cloud Imperium Games is also focusing their ship sale on combat, bounty hunting, and pirate ships. Discounted starter packages with ships like the Avenger Titan and Cutlass Black are available, providing players with affordable starting options.

The latest Inside Star Citizen episode discusses the future of cargo and persistent hangars. The development team is working on physicalized cargo, which will change how items are purchased, moved, and stored. Freight elevators will play a crucial role in this, allowing players to interact with their cargo and load/unload it onto their ships. Instance hangars and persistent hangars are being developed to support extended periods of time spent in hangars without causing bottlenecks. Players will have the ability to customize and invite others to their persistent hangars, which will also act as player Habs. The addition of new cargo properties, such as fragile and radioactive cargo, and the inclusion of inventory containers will add depth to the gameplay.

In addition, Star Citizen players can participate in a diabolical treasure hunt during Pirate Week. They must follow a map and take screenshots at specific locations while holding a beverage. The most creative screenshot will have a chance to win ships as prizes. Overall, the cargo and hangar updates, as well as the Pirate Week activities, provide exciting gameplay opportunities for Star Citizen players.