Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 - MISC Hull C, Cargo & Seraphim Station

This video provides a tour of the MISC Hull C cargo ship and Seraphim Station in Star Citizen Alpha 3.20. The narrator explores the ship’s features, including its cargo management capabilities, and showcases the interior of the space station, highlighting the various shops and access points.

This video is a tour of the MISC Hull C, a large cargo ship in the game Star Citizen. The narrator shares their thoughts on the 3.20 patch and the features in Waves One and Two. They explore the ship’s main bridge area, showing the different chairs and components. The ship is tactile and interactive, allowing players to open components and change settings. The tour continues to the living quarters, cargo ops, and escape pods. The narrator also mentions the ship’s expansive cargo management capabilities and its potential for defense.

The video then transitions to a tour of Seraphim Station, a large space station in the game. The station looks like other large space stations in terms of its interior. There are various shops and access points, including a ship weapon shop. The narrator mentions the possibility of purchasing ground vehicles soon. They also mention the availability of commodities for cargo transport.

Next, the narrator showcases the cargo transfer process on the Hull C. They load waste products onto the ship, which features an impressive cargo capacity of 4608 SCU. The cargo transfer takes some time and there are potential loading times and costs in the future. The video also briefly explores the ship’s engineering section and a rear airlock.

In conclusion, the narrator expresses their positive thoughts on the MISC Hull C and its potential for cargo hauling. They ask viewers for their thoughts on Seraphim Station, the Hull C, and the PTU waves. The video ends with a mention of a ship giveaway and the various ways viewers can support the channel.