Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 In Testing - MultiCrew Modes Delayed - Theatres Of War In Development

In a recent video from Cloud Imperium, it was revealed that Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 is currently in testing but has experienced a delay in the release of its multi-crew modes. The team has encountered problems with the multi-crew lobby, causing the feature to be potentially pushed to a later patch. However, players can still expect the ability to exit seats, move around the ship, and repair while playing Arena Commander modes in the future.

Theaters of War, a multiplayer combined arms team objective-based mode, is currently being worked on and will be integrated into Arena Commander. Cloud Imperium plans to involve players in the development of Theaters of War through an experimental mode. Additionally, there are rumors of Master modes being tested in Alpha 3.20, which involve retuning every ship and allowing for multiple tests to be run simultaneously.

Private lobbies, now referred to as custom matches, will be making a return in Alpha 3.20, allowing players to set up private matches and competitions within Arena Commander. Cloud Imperium also plans to add more functionality and custom features for team organization and matchmaking. Unlockables, such as ship rewards and new Spectrum badges, will be introduced in 3.20, and further progression and connections between the persistent universe and Arena Commander are being considered. Overall, there are exciting updates and features on the way for Star Citizen players.