Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 New Features - What To Expect & What We Might Get!

The upcoming release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 is expected to arrive before the end of May or during Fleet Week. While it is built on the 3.18 code base, it will mainly focus on stability and bug fixes rather than introducing major new features. However, there are several planned updates such as an improved cityscape for Loreville, new missions tied to different locations, a new ground vehicle called The Links, and enhancements to the new player experience. Other potential additions include Arena Commander updates, Vulkan integration, cargo and ship mechanics improvements, AI and NPC updates, and dynamic events.

Fleet Week, a notable event in Star Citizen, will occur alongside the 3.19 release or soon after. It is a combat trade show and expo that allows players to try out various combat ships, which change daily depending on the manufacturer being showcased. Fleet Week is also known for its military ship displays, fireworks, tours of large ships like the Javelin, and sales of new ships and vehicles. The event aims to attract a large number of players, offering them an opportunity to experience Star Citizen and potentially make new ship purchases.

A ship giveaway is also mentioned, with the Argo Raft being the prize for March, including a game package and Lifetime Insurance.

Overall, Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 is expected to focus on stability and bug fixes, while introducing updates to Loreville, new missions, and an improved new player experience. Fleet Week, a major event in the game, will coincide with or follow the release of 3.19, offering players a chance to explore combat and military ships, enjoy displays and tours, and make ship purchases.