Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 FIXES SO MUCH - Monthly Reports AND Roadmap Updates Incoming

This is a summary of the Star Citizen news for the week of May 3, 2023. Alpha 3.19 is now available for Wave 1 testing on the PTU, and there is a new mini patch. Updates and Dev responses on the new tractor beam attach and detach feature have been made, and there are new backpacks for RSI subs. Wednesday is the latest roadmap update, and monthly reports will be released with information on what Clan and Pam have been working on over the last few weeks for both the Star Citizen persistent universe and Squadron 42. Fleet Week Centric information is expected to be included.

The team has been working to tackle the interaction delay issue in Alpha 3.18.2 by identifying the root cause and implementing hotfixes several times a day. They have made significant progress, but there is still much work to be done, and they will remain vigilant in monitoring and adjusting the game as needed. Salvage contracts, new encounters at ghost Hollow, and more are available to test as part of the lead-up to Invictus launch week.

An updated 3.19 PTU patch has been released with bug fixes for the UIs at Casaba’s & Dom’s Depot and with new building block stuff. They’ve also added the default Port unlock key to right alt and K, which means players can have their weapons and components detached with the tractor beam without being in the soft death state. Other bug fixes include collisions, landing pads missing, and enemy combat AI slow to respond or react.