Star Citizen Alien Week: Montoya's Honest Opinion

In this video, Montoya shares his honest opinion about the offerings during Alien Week in Star Citizen. He reviews the different alien ships available, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Montoya mentions that there are no new ships, except for the upcoming Santokyai. He discusses the Talon as a good PvE ship with strong shields, but recommends the Arrow for PvP. The Strake, Blade, and Gladius are not as popular, while the Defender and Prowler have their unique features. Montoya expresses excitement about the Banu Merchantman, despite its prolonged development, and praises the aesthetic and versatility of the Nox and RSI Orion. He also discusses paint options and bundle deals available during Alien Week.

Montoya concludes by asking for viewers’ opinions and any insight they might have about whether the new Vandal skin will be forced onto ships or allow for optional upgrades. He encourages viewers to like and subscribe to his content and expresses interest in obtaining a real-life version of the fidget spinner seen in the promotional materials.