Star Citizen: Alien Week 2023

"Hello Lucky Humans!

We know you are tired of the boring ships. But good news is here. We have the wonderful non-Human style ships for the Humans. Don’t go to alien worlds! We’ll bring them to you.

They’re right here! Star Citizen - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42"

The Banu Souzai are alien beings offering humans the chance to escape their mundane reality. They are experts in selling a huge variety of spacecraft, some even from alien worlds. Visitors can expect their ships to have comfortable, human-friendly seating that is suitable for breathing. The Banu Souzai have even been voted by the Davien IV Commercial Chamber as the ‘Friendliest Souzai’ for three years running.

In an effort to entice customers, the Banu Souzai are advertising their latest offerings via Star Citizen Play.SC/Alienweek. Individuals may find that investing in a spacecraft from these experts could be the perfect solution, bringing them respite from their dull, ordinary lives.

Anyone interested in a brand-new spacecraft should contact the Banu Souzai to find out more. Customers will be safe in the knowledge that they can trust a team with such a long and impressive reputation of being the Friendliest Souzai.