Star Citizen added a 80 Missile Tank?!

"Star Citizen- The Tumbril Storm and the Tumbril Storm AA. Honestly, vehicle releases like this get me excited for future org gameplay. Can you imagine locking down a location with a fleet of these? Oh and if you didn’t know the Tumbril Storm AA has over 60 missiles, that’s pretty insane. "

In this video, the content creator explores two new tanks in Star Citizen - the Tumbrl Storm and the Tumbrl Storm AA. The Tumbrl Storm is a tank designed for ground attack and scouting, with a unique and aggressive design. The creator praises the attention to detail in the tank’s design, noting the various components and compartments. They particularly enjoy the animation of the tank’s suspension, which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. The Tumbrl Storm AA, on the other hand, is equipped with an impressive arsenal of 64 size one missiles and 16 size two missiles. The creator is excited about the potential for group gameplay with these tanks in the future.

While the tanks’ current use cases are limited due to the lack of ground missions in the game, the creator expresses their anticipation for more on-foot ground vehicle gameplay in Star Citizen. They also highlight the possibility of dedicated missions for vehicles like the Tumbrl Storm, as well as the potential use of vehicles in areas where flying is restricted. The creator shares how gameplay in the tanks feels immersive and enjoyable, even with a few technical issues affecting performance. They express a preference for the Tumbrl Storm AA over the turreted version, appreciating the gameplay possibilities and the visual appeal of launching a barrage of missiles.

To test the damage capabilities of the Tumbrl Storm, the creator targets the Tumbrl Storm AA with a full volley of missiles. The targeted tank is swiftly destroyed, showcasing the impressive offensive power of the Tumbrl Storm AA. The creator leaves the destroyed tank as a memento. In conclusion, the creator announces upcoming content, including an unboxing video and a review of the new Origin and Drake ships. They express their excitement for the future of Star Citizen and upcoming gameplay opportunities with the new tanks.