Star Citizen $48,000 Ship Package - 221 Space Ships Is TOO MANY!

In a Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss a $48,000 ship package that includes 221 space ships, questioning the necessity and value of such a large number. They also express positive views on the game’s development progress in 2023, reflecting on their initial skepticism and acknowledging the enjoyment they now find in playing Star Citizen.

In this Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss a $48,000 ship package that is available for purchase in the game. The package includes 221 space ships, with 160 of them being flyable. The hosts question whether anyone really needs that many ships and whether the package is worth the price tag. They also discuss the possibility of certain ships being excluded due to promotional restrictions. Overall, they find the package to be excessively expensive.

The conversation then shifts to the direction of Star Citizen’s development in 2023. The hosts express positive views on the progress made throughout the year, with the game’s financials breaking records and the 3.22 patch being stable. They mention the upcoming release of Pyro and other features, such as base building and Squadron 42 improvements. The hosts are excited for the developments planned for 2024 and believe the project is stable and unlikely to fail.

The hosts also reflect on their own journey with Star Citizen. Initially skeptical, they were influenced by negative press and memes about the game being a scam. However, after playing and covering the game, their skepticism has softened. They acknowledge the progress made by the development team and express their enjoyment of playing Star Citizen, although they mention the challenges of capturing footage for videos.

The conversation then briefly touches on the financial success of Star Citizen compared to other gaming companies. While the game has raised a significant amount of money, it is still relatively small compared to industry giants like Blizzard. The hosts believe that as long as Cloud Imperium Games manages their finances well, the project is unlikely to fail. They also mention the possibility of licensing out the Star Engine in the future.

In conclusion, the hosts express their gratitude to the viewers and supporters of the channel and wish everyone a happy new year. They encourage further support through channel memberships, donations, and sharing their videos. They also remind viewers about the ongoing Star Citizen giveaway and the benefits of using a VPN for online privacy and security.