Star Citizen 3.24 & 4.0 June Development Update | Scanning/Radar, Economy, & More

The Star Citizen development update for June covered progress in various areas such as AI improvements, animation work on creatures and character customization, ship development, economy balancing, graphics enhancements, and backend services overhaul. The teams showcased their dedication and hard work in advancing different aspects of the game’s development, including NPC behaviors, ship designs, economy balancing, and technical improvements for upcoming patches.

In the video, the Star Citizen development update for June focused on various aspects of the game’s development progress. The AI team worked on improving group behaviors for NPCs, implementing new tools for AI development, and optimizing NPC visibility checks. They also added AI functionality to point defense cannons and improved NPC formations following leaders. The team began unifying functionality and fixing bugs in preparation for an Apollo UI redesign.

The animation team worked on fixing technical issues with animate assets and creating new animations for creatures like the Pyro crab and space whale. They also made progress on specialist armor sets and new beards and hairstyles. The character concept art team explored designs for utility armors and completed handoff sheets for specialist armors. The hair team kicked off new beards and hairstyles, focusing on diversifying armor and enhancing player customization options.

The ship team made progress on ships like the RSI Polaris and Zeus MK2, with the interior of the Polaris nearing completion. They also worked on finalizing the exterior of the Zeus MK2. The economy team focused on tasks for Pyro, balancing mission rewards, and implementing the effort versus reward algorithm. They continued rebalancing prices for various items and worked on a new economy for Quantum and hydrogen fuel.

The graphics, VFX, and Planet Tech teams worked on various improvements, including Vulcan stability and memory usage, gas cloud color processing volumes, and fire hazards. The lighting team focused on tasks for Alpha 4.0, including the acidic cave archetype and Pyro station modules. The landing zone team fixed bugs for cargo and added variety to modules for Pyro station. The narrative team supported cargo gameplay, expanded social AI presence, and worked on new mission text for large-scale event missions.

The online services team overhauled social services backend for better performance and scalability, while the networking team continued work on server meshing. The technical animation team invested in long-term tasks like the put on takeoff initiative and finalized creatures for Alpha 4.0. The VFX team supported deliverables for upcoming patches, including the RSI Zeus MK2 and acidic caves. Overall, the development update highlighted progress in various areas of Star Citizen’s development, showcasing the dedication and hard work of the development teams.