Star Citizen 3.22 Revealed - Roadmap Roundup

Star Citizen version 3.21 introduces several new features and content, including the new Data Heist missions. 3.22 introduces player hair updates, salvage mechanics, cargo container functionality, and the addition of new ships and vehicles. This update gives players a glimpse of upcoming mission enhancements, character customization improvements, and exciting possibilities for exploration and gameplay in the Star Citizen universe.

The Roadmap Roundup for Star Citizen has been released. It includes the introduction of a mission type for version 3.21, called Data Heist. This mission will task players with infiltrating locations and stealing data.

3.22 will feature the Player Hair Update, which will add 20 new hairstyles to the character customizer, including long hair and tighter hairstyles.

In terms of gameplay, the update will include Salvage Structural, which allows players to transform salvaged metal from ships into refinable materials. This new feature will be available on ships like the Vulture and the Reclaimer. Furthermore, cargo containers will be introduced, allowing players to store smaller cargo containers within larger ones, helping with organization and storage.

Moving on to ships and vehicles, one highly anticipated addition is the Aopoa San’tok.yāi, a medium fighter that will be balanced and implemented in the game. More alien ships are expected to be showcased during the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. The Origin X1, a space bike, will also be introduced with three variants, including the regular one, a racing version, and a combat-oriented Pathfinder variant.

This roadmap update provides a glimpse into the upcoming features and content for Star Citizen. It includes mission enhancements, character customization improvements, salvage mechanics, cargo container functionality, and the introduction of new ships and vehicles. Fans can expect more updates and details in the future, along with missions in the Pyro system and the maintenance areas of the Honest station.