Star Citizen 3.22 Is REALLY Coming Along - Amazing Features & Salvage Details | Star Citizen Sunday

In this episode of Star Citizen Sunday, the host discusses the progress of the upcoming Alpha 3.22 update, highlighting the new salvaging features and settlements around Hurston. Despite some issues with frame rates, the host is excited about the new features and looks forward to further improvements in future updates.

In this episode of Star Citizen Sunday, the host discusses the progress of Star Citizen Alpha 3.22, which is getting closer to its release on the live servers. The host shares their experience exploring the new salvaging updates and settlements around Hurston, noting that the game is feeling more like a complete experience with each patch. However, they also mention issues with low server frame rates and severe client frame rate drops when approaching certain locations. Despite these issues, the host is excited about the new features, particularly the ability to buy and sell items at settlements, which adds to the sense of an open world experience.

The host also mentions the recent replication layer split tests, which were done on the 3.22 build. They express hope that these tests, along with the crash recovery system, will be integrated into the live version of the game by the end of the year. The host expects more 3.22 patches and replication layer split tests before Cloud Imperium, the game’s developer, goes on holiday.

The main focus of this week’s Inside Star Citizen episode is structural Salvage, a feature coming in Alpha 3.22. The host explains that structural Salvage involves breaking down ships into smaller pieces that can be used as construction materials or sold. They discuss the process of scraping the hull of a ship, charging its energy, and fracturing it into smaller pieces using the resonance field. The host also describes the role of the reclaimer ship in salvage operations, highlighting the need for teamwork between the claw operator, tractor beam operators, and the pilot.

The host acknowledges that the salvaging system is not yet in its final form, but they appreciate the need for early testing and feedback from players. They also mention the satisfaction of cleaning up abandoned ships and improving performance by removing them from the persistent database. The host looks forward to future improvements, such as enhanced destruction mechanics with the planned melstrom system and the implementation of the resource network.

Lastly, the host briefly mentions updates to the subscriber program, including new rewards. They express their love for collecting house plans in games and anticipate the fun of decorating personal spaces like habs and hangars in future updates. The episode concludes with a reminder for viewers to consider subscribing to the host’s content and a thank you to patrons and channel members for their support.