Star Citizen 3.21 LIVE | FOUR Patch 3.21 Trade Routes for your Hull-C at Jump Points!

This video discusses space trucking in Star Citizen, focusing on the Hull-C ship and new trade routes introduced in patch 3.21. The creator provides profitable trade routes, warns about ship-breaking bugs, and encourages viewers to use their referral code for in-game bonuses.

In this video, the content creator discusses space trucking in Star Citizen. They emphasize their love for space trucking in other games such as Elite Dangerous and Eve Online, and how it translates to Star Citizen. They mention the various ships available for trading, from starter ships to higher-tier ships like the Hercules, Carrick, and 890 Jump. The focus is on the Hull-C ship, known for its massive cargo capacity of 4,608 seu. However, the ship is currently experiencing issues, such as being unable to undock from stations with cargo, which can result in the loss of money. The creator shares a workaround by docking next to free pads instead of requesting docking, but still advises caution.

In patch 3.21, new trade routes were introduced called Stanton jump points. These jump points have stations, allowing for trading opportunities further out from Stanton star. The creator spent time traveling around the system and came up with four trade routes specifically for the Hull-C. The most profitable route involves purchasing helium at Seraphim Station and flying it to the Pyro jump point, resulting in a profit of over 1.2k credits for an investment of just under a million credits. The creator provides a spreadsheet with the details of each trade route, including profits and alternate options.

While the Hull-C is the best choice for these trade routes due to its ability to dock with stations, the creator acknowledges that smaller ships can also work, albeit with smaller yields. They mention other trade routes involving processed food, iron, and Heston night run heresite, but note that the availability of goods at stations may vary depending on server activity. The creator expresses excitement for the possibilities of Pyro, a more risky and potentially more profitable trade route, as well as the potential for moving materials for base building.

In conclusion, the video provides helpful trade routes for players interested in space trucking with the Hull-C ship in Star Citizen. The creator highlights the workaround to avoid ship-breaking bugs and advises caution in managing funds. They also extend an invitation for viewers to use their referral code for in-game bonuses.