Star Citizen 3.20. What Can You Make as a Solo Pilot in the New Timed Salvage

“The new timed salvage criminal cleanup mission type represents the chill of hull scraping with a little extra edge and a big reward for working quickly and deliberately.”

Ray from Raise Guide discusses the new time-critical salvage missions in Star Citizen 3.20. He normally doesn’t engage in illegal activities, but as a problem solver, he is willing to clean up after other people’s mistakes. He sets out to answer nine questions about these missions. The missions range from cleaning up large ships like Hammerheads and Caterpillars, which require a fully-equipped Reclaimer, to smaller missions involving cleaning up a Cutlass. Ray wonders if these smaller missions are feasible for a solo operator.

Ray then provides some helpful tips for successfully completing these missions. He advises players to accept missions when they are in the yellow difficulty range and to use a handheld tractor beam. He also recommends using a wide scraper laser and being thorough in cleaning the ship. Ray suggests working on one side of the ship at a time, setting the hopper for auto-eject, and building a mental map of the ship to ensure nothing is missed.

Ray also addresses some specific questions. He mentions that secondary loot crates were not found, but he did find some intact weapons during the salvage process. The authorities do show up during the mission, but they did not bother him. Ray was able to sell the recycled materials and the salvaged weapons for a good price. Finally, Ray shares his earnings from the mission, which totaled around 125,000 UEC in less than an hour and a half.

In conclusion, Ray is satisfied with the profitability of the time-critical salvage missions, considering they involve minimal risk and combat compared to other activities in the game. He shares some updates on giveaways for his viewers and signs off, expressing his appreciation for watching his work.