Star Citizen 3.20 now on the Roadmap

The Eradicator announces that they will talk about the monthly report tomorrow, but for today they want to discuss the new roadmap for Star Citizen’s 3.20 patch, which is expected to be released between July and September. The first major feature mentioned is the ability for ship owners to designate their ships as trespassing zones, allowing them to attack and kill players who board their ships without permission. The second feature is a new mission type called Retrieve Consignment, where players are tasked with finding and delivering critical items to a designated location. Finally, the speaker discusses the return of the Hull C, a large cargo ship with almost 4,000 SCU of cargo capacity that will likely be used to transport large quantities of low-end commodities between stations. The speaker speculates about potential mechanics for storing containers in the cargo areas of stations and the replacement of the Port Olisar station.