Star Citizen 3.20 just got a MASSIVE Quality of Life Patch

Star Citizen 3.20 received a massive Quality of Life patch, including updates to friend requests, Quantum travel HUD, and mining features. While some concerns were raised about the voice over IP system and ship hailing, the patch addressed several long-standing issues, indicating a trend towards improving and polishing the game.

The author woke up to a post from Torsten on the gameplay team hinting at changes in the Star Citizen 3.20 patch. The patch turned out to be a massive Quality of Life update, surprising the author. Some notable changes included giving players more control over friend requests and who can call them, as well as improvements to the ship’s Quantum travel HUD. However, the author expressed concerns about the inconsistent voice over IP system and the potential removal of the ability to hail a ship.

One of the major updates in the patch was the addition of a mining HUD in the cockpit of the Mole ship, allowing players to scan rocks and see the timer on explosive material. The author suggested that more control over the ship’s turrets during landing would be a nice addition. The patch also claimed to fix the invisibility bug, although the author remained skeptical until further testing. Another significant change was the implementation of a logout timer to prevent players from avoiding combat situations or bounty hunters by logging out, which the author praised as a standard feature in multiplayer games.

The author also acknowledged previous patches that addressed issues such as fixing Eva mode, resolving ping problems, and fixing Quantum linking bugs that had persisted for a long time. Despite these improvements, the known issues list for 3.20 remained long. The author expressed hope that this trend towards fixing and polishing the game would continue, especially with the upcoming major update, 4.0. They emphasized the importance of delivering a polished and well-developed game, considering the previous issues in the 3.18 update. The video ended with a call for more timely updates on the channel and a question about whether Star Citizen will be treated as a proper game.