Star Citizen 3.19 Trading: Should You Stay Near or Go Far

“Star Citizen 3.19 has changed the landscape of trading. Higher margins can be found in many cases by going far to the other planets to sell. But do you instead make more by staying close and making more runs per hour?”

The author, Danny Raymond, discusses his experiences with trading in Star Citizen version 3.19. He states that the landscape has changed, with each planet having a particular mix of metals and minerals, creating powerful trade routes. He compares the profitability per minute between going to nearby locations versus going to distant locations, and finds that the difference in time is not as significant as he initially thought. He deliberately takes his time, behaving like a typical trader player, which he believes makes his results more generally useful.

He bought just over 100 SCO of each metal to test, finding that Larynite was the most profitable, but bear in mind that you won’t be able to fill up a big ship in Tyler on Larynite. He concludes that the profit per minute for each metal varies, but there is no absolute pattern. He mentions the observer effect, which states that by measuring something, you change it, and believes that YouTube videos tend to invalidate the recommendations they make, as the patch notes may change.

Overall, Daniel’s experience with trading in Star Citizen shows that the profitability per minute for each metal varies, and there is no absolute pattern. The observer effect, coupled with YouTube videos, tends to invalidate the very recommendations that they make.