In today’s video, Erad and members of the Iriquois Club team up to fly some Mirai Furies in a Carrack. This capital ship can easily fit four Furies in its hangar and a couple more in the garages. The team will then use the Carrack as a respawn point if needed while they pilot the Mirai Furies for various missions. The first mission is above the surface of Area18, where they will attempt to survive in an intense battle.

The footage of the battle is compelling, showing the Mirai Furies engaging with enemy ships. Erikadyn provides commentary to supplement the excitement. They stay behind the Carrack and allow it to take the brunt of the missiles, while they battle the enemy ships. At the end of the first mission, the team is successful and moves onto Magda for a second mission.

During the second mission, the team employs a similar strategy. The Carrack goes first to tank the missiles, and the Furies engage the enemy fighters right away. Erad and his team show their impressive skills as they maneuver their Furies with grace and easily take down the enemy ships. The battle ends with the Mirai Furies victorious, and Erad ends the video by asking the viewers some questions about their Star Citizen experience. He also reminds viewers of the giveaway where they can win a Prospector and an RSI Scorpius with LTI.