Star Citizen 3.19 in Evocati PTU NOW

Cloud Empire Games has released patch 3.19 in Evocati PTU, which may lead to a release of the patch in the month of May or even by the end of April if testing goes well. The patch’s focus is on general stability, the Skyline 2.0 of the Lorville Landing Zone on planet Hurston, and the introduction of brand new Salvage contract missions. The Salvage resource Rush is a mission where players are tasked with scrapping a derelict or husk and selling the RMC to a shop. There will be three types of missions: lawful, unlawful, and unsecured.

In addition to Salvage contract missions, patch 3.19 includes some extra balancing for mining and reduced or rebalanced ship weapon missile and ship companies currently sold at rest stops at low orbits. They have also temporarily removed the claim jump permission for triple 19. The patch will also include new features such as the track to beam attaching and detaching functions as well as the ghost Hollow reclaimer PVP missions, but they are not yet ready for testing.

The patch introduces a major rework of the Lorville skyline to create a visual entity for the high-end, low-end, and generic branding of the city skyline and to add navigational signage around the landing zone. Additionally, the location of the Area 18 ASAP terminals has been moved closer to the hangar elevators to reduce confusion.