Star Citizen 3.18 Post Mortem - Patch Review

The speaker welcomes viewers to the return of their Star Citizen patch review series. They delayed reviewing patch Alpha 3.18 until they felt the latest tech was more robust and polished. The review gives a grade out of 10, based on bug fixes, quality of life improvements, fun factors, game-changing elements, features, and overall quality. Although the patch had numerous bugs on release, including many listed as “known issues,” the speaker experienced few of them. They had been fixed by a hotfix, and many bugs from previous iterations of the game had been corrected. They gave the bug fixes a 6 out of 10.

The overall quality of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 was still frustrating, with significant problems remaining despite the efforts of the development team. It was challenging to play the game, and some bugs were still game-breaking. There were still loading screen problems, 30k crashes, and invincibility issues. Despite the shortcomings, the graphics optimization with Gen 12 was excellent, providing significant performance improvements.

In conclusion, the speaker considered the overall quality of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 to be bad, with numerous bugs and game-breaking problems remaining. However, they appreciated the hard work of the development team in correcting numerous issues from previous iterations of the game.