Star Citizen 3 18 2 is live with TONS OF CONCERNING ISSUES LEFT!

The video is about the release of Star Citizen’s latest patch, version 3.18.2. There has been a database reset with a wipe, meaning players will begin with 200,000 UEC and a fresh reputation, but everything previously bought or required will be gone. There are a lot of issues left in the patch, including known crashes and unusable terminals, as well as unexpected errors in delivery missions and other gameplay elements. However, there have also been several bug fixes to improve the game, such as fixing FPS performance, spawning issues, and balance adjustments.

The video lists many of the remaining problems with the game, such as AI not spawning, invisible asteroids causing ship explosions, and cargo being invisible in multiple ships. These problems have led to frustration among players, as they prevent them from completing missions or playing the game properly. However, the video also highlights several bug fixes in the patch that have improved the game experience.

The video provides a comprehensive overview of the latest patch and its issues, as well as the fixes that have been made. While there are still some problems with the game, it appears that progress is being made in fixing these issues and improving the overall game experience for players.