Star Citizen 3.17 | Your guide to the EASIEST Rare Loot Box!

In this video, Bob guides viewers through the process of looting wrecks in Star Citizen. He starts by explaining the importance of being prepared with weapons, a tractor multi-tool, and suitable armor. Bob suggests using a smaller ship like the Origin 135c to navigate and land near the wrecks. He emphasizes the importance of having a bed in the ship for easy logging out and logging back in on the same location.

Bob takes viewers to a specific wreck at ArcCorp Mining Area 048 on the moon Walla. He provides detailed instructions on how to find the wreck, which is characterized by green mineral-covered mountain peaks. He emphasizes the importance of exploring the wreck thoroughly, as many players miss the loot box located in the open and exposed section of the wreck. Bob demonstrates jumping and traversing the wreck to access loot boxes, including rare yellow loot boxes and red subscriber boxes.

Bob highlights the valuable items that can be found in the wreckage, such as armor, weapons, and backpacks. He mentions the possibility of finding discontinued weapons like the P6 rifle and even rare armor sets like the Artemis Caduto. Bob suggests gathering and selling the excess loot at places like GrimHEX to make some quick money. He concludes the video by reminding viewers to be cautious since the popularity of this looting method could attract other players."