STAR CITIZEN 3.10 Delayed? Latest SC & SQ42 News + Bonus Eradication

In this video update, The Eradicator discusses topics related to Star Citizen and Squadron 42 including the rework of the Origin M50 ship, the delay of a Squadron 42 video, cautioning about leaked information, and the potential delay of the Star Citizen 3.10 update due to a serious bug. The video also includes a bonus segment of The Eradicator playing Star Marine gameplay.

In this video update, the YouTuber “The Eradicator” discusses various topics related to Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Firstly, he mentions the rework of the Origin M50 ship, noting that the changes are minimal and may not disappoint fans of the original design. He provides a link to the leaked images for reference.

Next, he talks about the delay of a Squadron 42 video that was supposed to be released in May. The developers at Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) have stated that they are still working on it, and the delay was due to the video not meeting their standards. The Eradicator expresses hope that the video will be a decent length and provide comprehensive information about the game.

He then addresses leaks of future ships and vehicles in Star Citizen, cautioning viewers to take them with a grain of salt. He reminds them of past instances where leaked information turned out to be different than expected, using the Mantis ship as an example. While it’s exciting to hear news about upcoming content, it is important to remember that the information may not be entirely accurate until officially confirmed by CIG.

Lastly, The Eradicator discusses a potential delay in the release of Star Citizen’s alpha 3.10 update. He highlights a serious bug related to quantum travel through atmosphere, which could cause ships to spin uncontrollably, potentially triggering epileptic seizures in susceptible individuals. Considering the negative press such a bug would generate, he believes the developers will need time to thoroughly test and fix the issue, leading to a likely delay in the release. He also notes the absence of communication from CIG, such as Pillar Talk and messages from the chairman, as an indication that the update may be delayed.

The video concludes with a bonus segment of The Eradicator playing Star Marine gameplay, featuring two minutes of intense action.