Star Citizen: 10 Alternative Runabout Options for the Carrack & how they'll affect gameplay

This video explores alternative runabout options for the Carrack ship in Star Citizen and discusses their impact on gameplay. Each option, such as the Argo MP UV Cargo for delivering to inaccessible locations or the combat-focused Buccaneer, offers unique advantages and trade-offs, providing players with a range of gameplay experiences.

In this video, the narrator explores alternative runabout options for the Carrack ship in the game Star Citizen and discusses how each option would affect gameplay. The Pisces C8X expedition variant is used as a benchmark for comparison. The Argo MP UV Cargo does not have weapons, quantum or jump drive, and limited cargo space, making it a less appealing choice than the Pisces. However, it could be useful for missions that require delivering to inaccessible locations. The Argo MP UV Personnel, despite lacking weapons, quantum or jump drives, and cargo storage, can carry nine passengers and could prove useful for deep-space search and rescue operations.

The Merlin and Archimedes are snub ships that can fit in the Carrack’s hangar bay, offering better handling and firepower than the Pisces. The 85X is similar in size to the Pisces and comes with better default components and weapons loadout, but lacks cargo space. It is better suited for casual gameplay and sightseeing. The Razer and M50 are comparable in terms of firepower and can fit easily into the Carrack’s hangar bay. They are nimble and fast, making them effective scout ships.

The Aurora, especially the LN variant, can fit into the Scout Bay and offers an upgrade from the Pisces with its cargo capacity, weapon options, and an extra crew member allowed due to the bed it possesses. The Buccaneer sacrifices personnel and cargo transportation capabilities but excels as a combat ship due to its speed, firepower, and small profile. The Arrow, though it requires some workaround to fit into the hangar bay, is known for its offensive capabilities. It is a favored choice for scouting or personal escort missions.

Overall, each alternative runabout option for the Carrack presents a unique set of advantages and trade-offs. From deep-space search and rescue missions to pocket carriers and combat-focused operations, players have several options to choose from, offering different gameplay experiences.