Stanton is Tiny Winy 🤏 The Sheer Stellar Scale of the Verse | Star Citizen

"Algared, Astropub and Execute talk about a large issue that faces the future of Star Citizen that is often overlooked when planning out future Gameplay.

Thanks to Sir. Piggles for the Screenshot and SilverJoker for the idea and bringing th"

In this video, the hosts discuss the sheer scale of the Star Citizen universe, focusing on the Stanton system and its comparison to other systems. They begin by showcasing a tool called the star map, which displays the layout and size of all the systems in the game. Stanton is described as relatively small compared to other systems, being only 5 astronomical units (A.U.) in size. They compare it to systems like Pyro, which is almost three times the size of Stanton, and Earth’s system, which is 51 A.U. in size.

The hosts discuss the implications of Stanton’s size, particularly in terms of infrastructure and travel. Stanton is well-developed, with multiple rest stops, landing zones, and support networks in place. In contrast, Pyro is described as an empty and underdeveloped system, lacking infrastructure and support. This means that fuel and travel will be a challenge for players venturing into Pyro. The hosts emphasize the importance of considering travel expenses and distance when planning fleet compositions, as certain ships, like fighters, may struggle with limited range and fuel capabilities.

They also touch upon the concept of jump points, which are used for interstellar travel between systems. Jump points vary in size, leading to speculation that larger ships may not be able to pass through certain jump points. This further contributes to the idea that travel and logistics will become more crucial in the game, especially as more systems are introduced. The hosts mention that fuel costs have increased in the game, and players may need to rely on ships like the Starfarer, which have larger fuel capacity and even refining capabilities.

Overall, the video highlights the vast scale of the Star Citizen universe and the challenges players may face when exploring different systems. It encourages players to consider the size and capabilities of their ships when planning travels and fleet compositions, as well as the importance of logistics and fuel management in the game’s evolving landscape.