Squadron42 Do people still care about Star Citizen 's Solo Campaign?

In this video, the speaker addresses the topic of whether people still care about Squadron 42, the solo campaign of Star Citizen. The speaker begins by mentioning the criticism they received for wearing a mask due to Covid-19 precautions while streaming in their children’s room. They then proceed to discuss the differing opinions on Squadron 42. Some believe that only Chris Roberts, the creator, cares about it, while others express excitement and investment in the solo campaign. To gauge the general sentiment, the speaker conducted a poll, which revealed that 64% still care about Squadron 42. They emphasize that the vocal minority often dominates discussions, but majority opinion is different.

The speaker shares comments from viewers expressing their perspectives on Squadron 42. Some highlight the importance of the campaign in developing the foundations of Star Citizen, while others prioritize the MMO aspect and free-roaming. Many commenters mention their anticipation for Squadron 42’s completion and how it can provide a diversion until other features are added to the Persistent Universe. Overall, the transcript demonstrates that, despite varying opinions, there is still a significant number of people who care about Squadron 42 and its role in the overall Star Citizen experience.