Squadron 42 Update - A New Flight Model Nearing Completion?!

In the latest Squadron 42 development report, a lot of progress has been made towards completing the ambitious single player Star Citizen campaign. The Gameplay Features team continued working on the new mobiGlass apps, character customizing, and optimization work. Vehicle Features progressed with UI, markers, and wingman commands, as well as implementing Auto-Pilot control surfaces and the new flight model. Animation continued creating various animations, while Narrative captured wildlife sets and a range of dialogue. AI Content added many new animations and block-outs, while AI Tech progressed with navigation, movement, and transit features.

The vehicle features team implemented the Multi-Function Display (MFD) with communications calls, a new Vehicle Heads Up Display (HUD), and Turret UI for improved functionality and visuals. AI Content worked on the sleep and bed relaxation behaviours, updated the diagnostic cart, added scooch animations, and finished the trolley artwork. AI Features progressed with weapon usage, low cover fire, and melee AI combat behaviour. AI Tech updated the navigation and movement system, and added a way for NPCs to influence cost areas.

Game Story continued updates to their scenes including new poses, props, and motion capture. Narrative also prepped and scripted material for upcoming content. Animation worked on Spec Ops, Vandal melees, civilians, and pets. AI Content also received updates for Janitorial tasks. AI Features updated weapon customization and Transit behaviours. AI Tech worked on navigation cost area modifiers and ground vehicle collision avoidance. All of these developments are leading the way for the successful release of Squadron 42 Episode 1.