Spirit C1 Tour and Review: It's amazing. | Star Citizen Ship Review

“In this video we break down the brand new Crusader Industries Spirit A1, to see how it stands as a competitor to the A2, solo bomber, and daily driver.”

The Spirit C1 is a new ship released by Crusader Industries that is expected to become a popular choice for players. It offers great speed, ample cargo space, and a stylish design. Compared to its competitors, such as the Cutlass Black and Freelancer, the C1 has received buffs to its maneuverability, cargo capacity, and the addition of tractor beams. The ship’s sleek and angular design, reminiscent of the Hercules series, is complemented by the iconic light bar on the nose.

The C1 features a fuel port for refueling from other ships or ground vehicles, making it versatile for remote outposts or carriers like the Kraken. Its cargo hold is spacious, accommodating up to 64 seu (storage equivalent unit). This allows for the transportation of larger crates, offering a speed advantage over ships that require smaller boxes. The C1 is also capable of carrying vehicles such as Cyclones, STVs, ROCs, and even multiple Furies. Additionally, it is equipped with a tractor beam, providing the ability to move objects and load cargo directly into the hold.

Inside the ship, there are various compartments, including a component room with avionics and space for future additions like life support and gravity generators. The cockpit features amenities like a combined shower and toilet, as well as a gun rack and suit lockers. The habitation section includes a small kitchenette, two beds that double as escape pods, and external storage for smaller items. The pilot seat allows for flying, managing power, and operating the ship’s main guns.

In terms of combat, the C1 has four size three weapons, which can be swapped for laser repeaters or ballistic weapons. It also has four size three missiles, with options to switch them for different sized missiles. While it may not excel in combat, the ship’s durability is decent, with a size two shield providing an HP pool of 9,000 or 10,375 with upgrades. The ship itself has an HP of 67,68, with the nose having 13,500 HP. In the event of destruction, the C1 has a fast claim time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Overall, the C1 is a versatile and polished ship that could be a preferred daily driver for many players. It offers advantages in maneuverability and cargo space, while also having drawbacks in combat compared to other ships. However, its design and overall feel make it an exciting ship to have in one’s hangar. Whether it’s for daily use or quick cross-system travel, the Spirit C1 could be a top choice for players seeking a reliable and stylish ship.