Space Music, AI Ships, And Procedural Content | Space Game Devlog #6

In this devlog, the creator of a space game introduces two new collaborators, a music designer and a problem-solving expert. They discuss updates to the game’s music, materials for spaceships, a conversion to a C++ project, improvements to the radar system and particle effects, progress on AI navigation mesh and procedural content generation, and the importance of their Discord community for feedback and support.

In this devlog for a space game being developed in Unreal Engine, the creator introduces two new collaborators. The first is Trooper Booper, a talented music designer from Australia. The creator was impressed with his work and challenged him to create menu music for the game, which turned out to be fantastic. The second collaborator is Yah, a well-known figure in the indie game development world. Yah is helping with problem-solving and has created a material that dynamically displays names, numbers, and logos on the sides of spaceships, adding to the game’s production quality and realism.

The project has undergone a conversion to a C++ project, which allows for a hybrid approach of using both the Blueprint system and code-based programming. This provides better performance and more control for programmers, although it limits the ability for non-programmers to make changes. The radar system has been updated to display enemy ships, making it a useful navigational tool. Particle effects for missile explosions and rail gun firing have also been worked on, adding visual details to the game.

Progress has been made on AI navigation mesh and procedural content generation. The AI navigation mesh allows enemy spaceships to navigate their way around the game world, with some fine-tuning still needed. The procedural content generation system allows for the quick creation of large space levels by spawning asteroid fields within defined parameters. This system will be particularly useful for creating vast levels without the need for manual placement of numerous assets.

The creator encourages viewers to join their Discord community for real-time feedback and updates. The community has been helpful in providing ideas and solutions during the game’s development process. The creator expresses gratitude to the viewers and promises more updates in the future.