Space Combat Sim Released Soon - In The Black

In The Black is a upcoming spaceship combat simulator releasing on Steam, featuring both solo combat missions and team-based PvP matches. Players can customize their ships and engage in intense battles with full Newtonian physics, offering an immersive and challenging gameplay experience.

In The Black is a new spaceship combat simulator that is soon to be released on Steam. The game offers both solo combat missions and team-based PvE combat matches. Players can purchase and customize different ships, ranging from light fighters to heavy ships. Solo missions are a way to earn credits and practice, while the team-based PvP matches, called Blood Sport, are the main focus of the game. The goal in Blood Sport is to destroy the enemy base or eliminate all enemy ships.

The gameplay features full Newtonian physics, allowing players to fly in one direction while facing another, adding a layer of difficulty that players can gradually get used to. The video showcases a solo mission in The Proving Grounds, where the player earns credits for each kill but has to complete objectives before the timer runs out. The video then transitions to a team-based PvP match, where players must strategically defend their base and eliminate enemy ships to win the match. The player demonstrates different tactics, such as hanging back and waiting for the enemy to come to their base before attacking.

The game offers various customization options, including keybindings and sensitivity curves, allowing players to tailor their controls to their liking. While the game does not currently support VR, it provides support for HOTAS (Hands On Throttle-And-Stick) and gamepad inputs. The video also highlights the weapon keybindings, showcasing the different options available to players for firing weapons and cycling through targets.

Overall, In The Black appears to be an intriguing and immersive spaceship combat simulator. With its solo missions for practice and credit-earning, and its team-based PvP matches for more intense gameplay, the game offers a diverse experience. The customization options and detailed control settings further enhance the gameplay experience. Though lacking VR support, In The Black still provides an engaging and challenging space combat experience.