Some cool patch stuff I found when playing 3.20 PTU

“Some updates i noted from when i was playing the 3.20 PTU”

In the latest patch for Star Citizen’s 3.20 PTU, several interesting features and improvements were discovered during gameplay. The first notable change was the inclusion of an atmosphere effect in the city of Lorville. When players remove their helmets, their characters will act as if they are intoxicated due to the toxic atmosphere, without taking any damage. This adds an immersive element to the game.

Another quality-of-life improvement was made to the Kercher prison’s puzzle rooms in the game. The first chamber now has ramps and slopes, preventing players from taking fall damage or breaking their legs. The design of the puzzle rooms has also been altered, making them more accessible and enjoyable to navigate. Additionally, the number of lasers at the end of the puzzle has been reduced to two, allowing players to easily jump over them or find a safe spot in a little box.

Players can now store food immediately after purchasing it from vendors, eliminating the need to wait. In terms of ship controls, cruise mode has been modified to prevent accidental crashes. When players press the W or S keys to accelerate or decelerate, cruise mode will be canceled automatically, ensuring a smoother flying experience.

During combat situations, exiting the game will now keep the player’s avatar in the game for a certain period of time to prevent unexpected disappearances. This change addresses the desire to maintain player presence and avoid situations where characters suddenly vanish. Several other updates were also implemented, such as the addition of panels on server racks, an increase in the price of hides from SBK, and minor tweaks to missions.

Lastly, new boss armor variants were introduced, including two new Nine Tails-armored suits and around four other variations of the Cut armor set. These boss armors resemble the outfits worn by law enforcement in different locations within the game. Medical facilities now have separate cargo areas, highlighting the importance of wearing appropriate gear before leaving these areas as players will no longer have access to the hospital’s storage.

Overall, the 3.20 PTU patch for Star Citizen brings a range of exciting changes, including atmospheric effects, gameplay improvements, and new armors. These enhancements aim to enhance the player experience and offer more engaging and immersive gameplay.