Skunk Works - Caterpillar Cargo - Logistics Corps 1 - Star Citizen 3.16 Trade & Cargo Gameplay

In the video, the Skunk Works Logistics Corps conducts a mission to deliver supplies to a besieged station in Star Citizen using their Caterpillar ship. Despite encountering minimal resistance, they face challenges such as limited hangar availability and supply rates, while expressing interest in exploring mining as a more profitable aspect of logistics.

The Skunk Works Logistics Corps has resumed operations after undergoing organizational restructuring. The narrator spends time with the corps to learn about logistics in Star Citizen and the life of a logistics crew. They embark on a mission to assist a station under the Nine Tails blockade, using a Caterpillar ship named the Skunk Works Atlas. The crew picks up supplies and heads towards the station, taking precautions to approach from a less defended direction. Along the way, they familiarize themselves with the ship’s layout and turret locations.

The crew encounters minimal resistance during their blockade run and successfully reaches the besieged station. They deliver the supplies and earn a substantial bonus for completing the mission. After receiving payment, they find themselves trapped within the blockade due to limited hangar availability. Eventually, they secure another hangar assignment and depart from the station. They decide to explore Crusader’s moons for collecting medical supplies, despite the high demand and limited supply.

The crew successfully acquires the supplies and begins their return journey. The narrator reflects on the potential profits of running a Caterpillar ship like this under normal conditions. They mention the supply rate of goods as a significant challenge in trading within Star Citizen. The narrator also expresses interest in learning to mine as a more lucrative facet of logistics. They thank their supporters and provide a referral code for new players before concluding the video.