Silica Review - Huge potential for this excellent game

Silica is an exciting Early Access game that combines the first-person shooter and real-time strategy genres. The player can either command the game from above, like in traditional RTS games, or experience the action firsthand on the battlefield. Gameplay is based on controlling or battling against two human armies or playing as the territorial aliens. The game’s details and immersive experience make it incredibly engaging, despite its current early access state. There are also several modes of play, including human vs. human, human vs. aliens, or a three-faction battle.

Despite being in early development, the game has received very positive reviews and has a large active player base on Steam. However, there are some areas in need of improvement, like AI pathfinding, weapon balance, and the elimination of the teleportation feature. Also, the developer needs to consider adding key bindings for customization. The game also suffers from occasional frame drops and needs more optimization. Its single-player mode also needs enhancement as the AI isn’t advanced enough yet to provide a fulfilling experience.

In summary, Silica, though still in Early Access, is regarded as a promising and fun RTS/FPS hybrid. While it has a few areas needing improvement, its immersive gameplay, attention to detail, and multiplayer mode offer an involving experience. The road map for future development also indicates considerable potential, making it worth the purchase for enthusiasts of RTS, tank driving, or shooter games.