Should Star Citizen Referrals be LTI Tokens?

This video discusses the debate surrounding Star Citizen referrals and whether they should include LTI tokens. The YouTuber conducted a poll, revealing that a majority of respondents preferred LTI tokens, sparking a discussion among viewers about the current referral bonus system.

In this video, the YouTuber known as The Eradicator discusses the referral bonuses for Luminalia in Star Citizen. The YouTuber had previously expressed their opinion on the topic and received some disagreement from viewers, leading them to conduct a poll to gather more opinions. The poll showed that 66% of respondents believed that Star Citizen should have given an LTI (Lifetime Insurance) token as a referral bonus, while 34% were satisfied with the current goodies being offered. Interestingly, when looking at the results from the French community, 51% preferred an LTI token, and 49% were okay with the current bonuses.

Comments from viewers included various points of view. Some argued that LTI tokens are valuable and should still be given, while others felt that the current bonuses were a nice change. The issue of upgrading the vehicles received as giveaways was also mentioned, as it becomes difficult to melt them later. Some viewers believed that LTI tokens are not essential and that it’s more important to have all ships come with LTI purchased with real money. The YouTuber also mentioned having multiple referral accounts for personal benefit. The comments on the video varied, with some expressing disappointment about the lack of LTI and others seeing the current bonuses as acceptable.

Overall, the video sparked a debate about whether Star Citizen referrals should be given LTI tokens or if the current bonus system is satisfactory. The YouTuber encouraged viewers to share their opinions in the comment section and expressed appreciation for the engagement. The video also mentioned a giveaway of a storm Duo pack with LTI for viewers who participate in the channel’s Patreon or membership program, or through a free entry via a video sharing contest.