Should Star Citizen be Free to Play ?

Irad explores the idea of making the Arena Commander mode in Star Citizen free to play, suggesting that it could attract a wider audience and generate more revenue for the game. He believes that this change could make Star Citizen more mainstream, ensure a healthy player base, and potentially increase promotion through content creators.

The video host, Irad, poses the question of whether Arena Commander in Star Citizen should be free to play. He believes that making it free to play would give a wider audience the opportunity to experience the game’s high fidelity graphics, realistic flight model, and explosive and fun gameplay. Additionally, he suggests that this could generate more revenue for Cloud Imperium Games, as players who may not have been interested in paying for Star Citizen might be willing to try out Arena Commander for free and potentially become paying customers in the future. A free to play Arena Commander could also make Star Citizen more mainstream, as more people would have access to the game, potentially attracting content creators and increasing word-of-mouth promotion. Lastly, Irad argues that a free to play mode would ensure that there is a healthy player base for Arena Commander, preventing the issue of empty lobbies and allowing for more enjoyable gameplay for all. He concludes by asking for viewers’ opinions on the matter and promoting a chance to win a special edition ship by subscribing to his channel.