Should CIG CANCEL Star Citizen's Xenothreat Event?

In this video, the YouTuber Erad discusses the current state of Star Citizen, which he describes as not very good. Many players are reporting that they cannot play the game due to server issues, and there is a lot of blame being put on the Xeno thread dynamic event. Despite this, the Star Citizen team is collecting data and analyzing it to put in fixes, particularly for persistent entity streaming, which is a difficult and complex component of server meshing. They are committed to addressing the issues comprehensively and promptly, and appreciate players’ patience and understanding.

The Xeno thread event has caused interaction delays, lag, and desync, but the team is actively testing and implementing potential solutions. Disabling the event would not be a quick fix, as the issue existed before the event, and it would only delay resolving the problem. The team is determined to address the issue comprehensively and promptly, and they appreciate players’ patience and understanding while they work on a lasting solution. Players should not give up hope, as there will be more hotfixes and eventually they will get there.

In conclusion, Erad advises players to keep testing, as Star Citizen is still in alpha and new features and technology are being tested. He hopes that the upcoming release of 3.19 will give players a smoother experience, but time will tell if that is the case. He thanks his Patreon and YouTube members and signs off.