#shorts I've been tracked down.... by *him.* #starfield #theadoringfan #bethesdagamestudios

“Yes, I selected the Hero Worshipped trait. No, I don’t regret it yet.”

In this #shorts video, the person filming notices that they are being tracked down by someone. They mention that it’s not raining yet and express concern about someone getting sick. Suddenly, “he” appears, and it is revealed to be the adoring fan from the game Star Citizen developed by Cloud Imperium Games.

The person filming is clearly taken aback by the presence of the adoring fan and exclaims in shock, stating “Oh my God, it’s him!” They express surprise at something mentioned by Victoria, possibly referring to a dialogue or interaction in the game. The adoring fan is referred to as the captain of the front and the bane of the fleet, highlighting his significance in the game world.

Despite the adoring fan’s apparent fame and status, the person filming finds his behavior off-putting and refers to him as a weirdo. They express their desire for him to stay away from them. The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the release of Star Citizen, described as the biggest game of the year, is highlighted as the person filming mentions their eye for noticing its significance.

In conclusion, the person filming finds themselves being tracked down by the adoring fan from Star Citizen, a highly anticipated game developed by Cloud Imperium Games. They are both surprised and unnerved by his presence and express a desire for him to keep his distance. The video captures the excitement surrounding the release of Star Citizen, which the person filming recognizes as a significant event.