SHIPS OF THE NOW | Star Citizen

“Algared and Execute give you there current top ten ships in game right now as of 3.19.1. Please remember this list is subjective and your tastes and opinions may differ, get the ships that are right for you.”

In this episode of “Ships of the Now” in Star Citizen, the hosts discuss their personal favorite ships in the game. They start by addressing the criticism they received for their previous episode in which they discussed ships that were not yet in the game. With that in mind, they present their top 10 ships, focusing on ones that are currently available for gameplay.

The hosts emphasize that these ships are not chosen based on objective value or effectiveness, but rather on personal preference and enjoyment. They encourage viewers to share their own top 10 lists in the comments.

They begin by discussing the SRV, a ship that is not yet in the game but shows promise for its potential gameplay, such as salvaging wrecks and moving other ships. They also mention the Caterpillar and Cutlass, both multi-crew ships that offer versatility and the ability to carry other ships or vehicles.

Next, they highlight the Carrack and 890 Jump for their med beds, which provide convenience and utility in multiplayer gameplay. They also discuss the prospector and mole, which are mining ships that cater to those interested in that gameplay experience.

Moving on, they mention the Hurricane, a great ship for multi-crew bounty hunting missions, and the Redeemer, which excels in multi-crew combat scenarios. They list the Eclipse and Retaliator for their bombing capabilities, and the Vulture and Cutlass Red for their effectiveness in bunker runs.

Lastly, they talk about the Reclaimer and the Andromeda. The Reclaimer is ideal for experienced multi-crew salvaging, while the Andromeda is versatile and offers a range of capabilities. In conclusion, they reiterate the subjective nature of these choices and look forward to the future of ship gameplay in Star Citizen.