Ship Variant & TITAN SUIT LEAKS for Star Citizen

In this video, Baron discusses leaks about potential ship variants and a new Titan suit for Star Citizen. He focuses on two models, the Cutlass Expedition and the Cutlass Scout, which have been discovered by the pipeline. These ships would be suitable for new players as they provide various functionalities such as transportation and cargo storage. The Expedition version features additional equipment like an antenna for data collection or potentially a scanning array, as well as a possible extra gun on the front. The Scout version appears to have a UI for scanning and data storage. Baron believes that these new variants offer more options for gameplay roles and tasks, allowing new players to participate and contribute to larger fleets while providing a smaller, less detectable ship.

The leaks also mention the possibility of Titan suits, with commands for mounting and unmounting. While the specific release date for these features is uncertain, Baron speculates that they could be included in future updates, possibly in version 4.0. Additionally, there are references to creatures, combat, and NPC cargo loading, indicating potential future developments in these areas as well. Overall, Baron is excited about these leaks and sees them as part of Star Citizen’s ongoing journey, with potential announcements and updates possibly being revealed at CitizenCon.

Baron also briefly mentions feeling burned out and less motivated to produce Star Citizen content on YouTube. He shares his plans to focus on modifying his car and possibly start a vlog to document his journey with it. Although this content may not be directly related to Star Citizen, Baron seeks feedback from his viewers on this idea. Despite his personal challenges, he hopes that his audience enjoyed the video and invites them to join him in the Star Citizen universe.