Several Unkown ships COMING WITH STAR CITIZEN 3.23?

The ship team of Star Citizen has made progress with the RSI Zeus and Polaris ships, with the Zeus in the gray box phase and the Polaris progressing as well. Version 3.23 of the game may include the release of an unannounced ship and two ship variants, generating revenue for the project.

In the latest monthly report, the ship team of Star Citizen has made significant progress with the ships currently in production. The RSI Zeus is well into the gray box phase, with some parts of the ship already beyond that stage. Additionally, it was revealed that the ship will have an old-fashioned entrance ladder, providing more options for entering and exiting the ship. The Polaris is also progressing in the gray box phase, and an unannounced ship is in the levels of detail (LOD) polishing phase, indicating it may be ready for release in version 3.23 of the game.

Version 3.23 of Star Citizen might also include the release of two unannounced ship variants, with one of them already finished and the other in the gray box phase. Unfortunately, no information was provided about the Apollo ship in the report.

The ship team’s consistent delivery of new ships is crucial for the ongoing success of Star Citizen, as the sale of these ships generates revenue for the project. The monthly report offers an insight into the progress made by the ship team, highlighting the advancements in the RSI Zeus and Polaris ships, as well as the potential release of unannounced ships and variants in the upcoming 3.23 version of the game.

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