Server Meshing's Next Step BEGINS - Replication Layer, MORE New Ships, & C1 GIVEAWAY | Star Citizen

This week in Star Citizen, there will be Q&A sessions, new vehicle reveals, and giveaways, including a Crusader Spirit C1 LTI package. Additionally, there will be a tech preview for Evocati testers to assess the replication layer split, which is an important step towards implementing server meshing.

This week in Star Citizen, there are several exciting events and updates to look forward to. On Wednesday, a Q&A session will be posted for the Argo SRV, providing answers to questions about this ship. Thursday’s “Inside Star Citizen” episode will continue the coverage of The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, focusing on new vehicles such as the RSI Arter and the Drake Cutter Expedition. Friday’s Star Citizen Live will feature a pre-recorded Q&A session from the Fixit Fly It panel at CitizenCon, discussing the Resource Network. Additionally, more ships will be revealed during the ongoing IAE, and a Crusader Spirit C1 LTI game package giveaway is being held, with participants entering by commenting on any video posted during the event.

The Free Flight promotion is still ongoing, giving players the opportunity to try Star Citizen for free and decide if the game’s development stage is something they are interested in. The tech preview channel will be open for Evocati testers to play a version of the 3.2.1 build with the replication layer split. This is an important step towards implementing server meshing, and the test will help determine the performance improvements and any unforeseen issues. The results of this test will play a significant role in the timeline for server meshing.

In other news, the Tobii Tracker 5 is currently on sale at 20% off, which can enhance the Star Citizen experience. Support for the channel is appreciated if the purchase is made through the provided link. Content-wise, the host plans to work on the Persistent Universe monthly report video for October, while also streaming on Twitch and hosting a Gat Maulen LTI giveaway.

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