Server Meshing Performance Testing!

The video discusses performance testing of server meshing in Star Citizen by an Evocati member, showcasing seamless transitions between Pyro and Stanton systems with some performance dips attributed to CPU-intensive tasks during server switches. Despite minor visual and UI issues, the successful test highlights the significant milestone achieved in implementing server meshing technology, setting a promising foundation for future advancements in the game.

The video provides insights into performance testing of server meshing conducted by an Evocati member. The player initiates a jump from the Pyro system to Stanton, experiencing a two-step process involving prepping the jump drive and seeking permission from ATC. Upon entering the jump gate, there is a noticeable stutter in performance, attributed to potential CPU-intensive tasks during server transition. The GPU load remains stable, suggesting the CPU may be handling the server switch. The visuals during the jump appear as placeholder white or gray boxes, indicating a loading tunnel rather than a loading screen.

When the player jumps back from Pyro to Stanton, a similar performance spike is observed, possibly indicating significant CPU activity during server transition. The loading tunnel serves as a means to stream in necessary data from the new system, with the performance hit being expected in this early Evocati testing phase. Despite performance dips, the core functionality of jumping between servers is noted to work effectively, showcasing a promising start to server meshing implementation. The player expresses satisfaction with the progress and anticipates further improvements as development continues.

The test demonstrates that server meshing is functional, allowing seamless transitions between Pyro and Stanton. While there are minor issues with visuals and UI, the underlying technology appears to be working well. The player acknowledges the significance of this achievement, highlighting the potential for a smoother experience with additional polish and content integration in Pyro. Despite initial expectations of bugs and instability, the server meshing test has proven to be successful, laying a solid foundation for future advancements.

The performance testing showcases the technical capabilities of server meshing, with the player emphasizing the importance of visuals and content to enhance the overall experience. The successful execution of jumping between servers without major disruptions indicates a significant milestone in Star Citizen’s development. While this test represents a simplified version of server meshing, it sets the stage for connecting different systems and paving the way for a more dynamic and flexible gameplay environment. Overall, the performance testing reveals a promising outlook for the future of server meshing in Star Citizen.