SERIOUS Master Modes Concerns | RANT | Star Citizen

The speaker in the video raises concerns about the limitations imposed by the Master Modes in Star Citizen, criticizing the artificial and arcade-like flight experience caused by speed limiters and rotational limitations. They propose alternative systems based on acceleration, overheating, and maneuvering thrusters, as well as a power capacity system for thrust combinations, in order to create a more enjoyable, realistic, and skill-based flight model.

The speaker in the video discusses their concerns and frustrations with the Master Modes in Star Citizen. They acknowledge that while testing these modes in the early stages of the game is important, they have serious reservations about the limitations imposed in the current system. Speed limiters and rotational limitations make the flight experience feel artificial and arcade-like. The speaker suggests that instead of hard limits, the game should focus on proper acceleration, overheating, and maneuvering thrusters to limit speed and maneuverability. They also express discontent with the removal of tricording, the practice of combining multiple axes of thrust to gain an advantage. The speaker finds it counter-intuitive and unrealistic to limit tri-cording, particularly when it comes to keyboard and joystick inputs. They propose a power capacity system based on a ship’s main engine power to determine the maximum capacity for thrust combinations. Additionally, the speaker criticizes the decision to limit rotational combinations, which compresses the skill gap and reduces the advantage of skilled pilots. Finally, they express a desire for a dialogue between the players and the game developers to reach a flight model that is enjoyable, realistic, and exciting, while still allowing skilled pilots to excel.