Sell ALL Your Looted Containers from Bounty Hunting Missions in Star Citizen

In this video, the player is engaging in bounty hunting missions in the game Star Citizen. They encounter a crashed ship and use a tractor beam to collect cargo from the wreckage. They remark on the importance of having a tractor beam for such tasks. The player then decides to sell the looted cargo at a nearby trading location, opting to sell iron, quartz, ultracytoxin, and neon. They comment on the windy and cold conditions of the landing site.

Upon arrival at the trading location, the player sells the cargo and earns a significant amount of credits for items such as quartz, neon, and aggression. However, other items like iron do not fetch as high a price. The player considers the potential of using larger ships in future bounty hunting missions to transport and sell more cargo. They express satisfaction with the ability to make money through bounty hunting combined with selling looted cargo.

The player concludes the video by thanking their viewers for watching and expressing their surprise and pleasure at the success of their venture, making money from bounty hunting missions and selling the collected cargo. They also mention the possibility of paying viewers a small amount of in-game currency as a form of appreciation.