Schrodinger's Chat - [Quantum Economy 2013-2022]

"Welcome to the vacuum froth of Tony Z’s dynamic economy!

This vid doesn’t delve into Subsumption, Virtual NPCs or Dynamic Events, as they could be vids in their own right :wink:

To be clear on the outro, those Quantum aspects were indeed added"

Star Citizen is a game which will include a completely dynamic economy system. Players’ actions will affect the supply and demand and, in turn, the prices. Missions will be generated off the back of this, so for example if a weapons factory needs components it will create a mission that can be taken by a player or an AI. Furthermore, economic features are being developed and improved to enhance the player experience. These will include systemic pricing, dynamic economies, NPCs and missions reacting to player actions, and systemic probability.

To build a functioning economy, various resources are intertwined and impact one another. For example, when a player intercepts a freighter to prevent it from reaching its destination, the price of certain commodities is affected in the showroom. NPCs in the game will possess traits such as ambition, intelligence and happiness, and will evolve and develop through their interactions with both players and the simulation system. A quantum server is used to optimise making NPCs and mission design faster and easier to implement.

The end goal is a far more immersive and sophisticated experience for the players. This will be done by carefully structuring these tools and data structures, to minimise the amount of time and effort taken from concept to completion. Operations with the Quantum Server will be rolled out later this year, with a fully functional economy system anticipated by early 2023. This will allow for a range of emergent gameplay features such as price changes, dynamic locations, and NPCs adapting their behaviour. Once all these come together, Star Citizen will be firmly on track to the game envisaged by the creators.

salt-e-mike reacts: You wont believe what they say about the Quantum Economy