SC Live - Mission Q&A (and ET?) in 4min 6sec

An hour-long Star Citizen live mission feature team Q&A was held on April 21, 2023, featuring Ed and Elliott from the mission features team. They discussed the process of creating custom missions using assets from other teams, such as physical props and game features like mining and salvage, as well as lore. They also explained that the timing of mission creation relies on unfinished assets and all disciplines need to be done.

The difficulty of missions can be scaled to suit larger groups of players, and the team is exploring ways to release missions at several difficulty levels to cater to a varied audience. Creating PVP missions is challenging, as making a situation where two players are consenting to combat and opposed to each other is not easy. Adding rare components to salvage missions is unnecessary as the team sees the entire salvage mission as a big loot crate.

Reputation is now being managed by the mission feature team, and they are working on reputation based on hostility. Technical Director of Technology David Gill was also briefly interviewed, and he discussed his past work on a gardening themed ET game in 2002. The show ended with an invitation to subscribe and share the content.