SAN'TOK.YĀI 3.20 Release for Star CItizen?

In the latest Inside Star Citizen episode, the focus was on the progress and updates for the San’tok.yāi ship. The ship had failed its grey box review due to issues with the cockpit dashboard setup. However, the exterior of the ship has been mostly modeled out, with animations being polished. They are currently working on material and polish to make it visually appealing. The main challenge is the dashboard design, which is delaying progress on other aspects of the ship. They hope to establish a direction within the next couple of weeks.

Moving on, the episode also highlighted the upcoming release of the Hull C ship in version 3.20 of Star Citizen. This ship, designed for bulk cargo haulage, has been in development for around five years and has faced technical challenges. The ship has a unique middle spindle section that folds out, allowing players to walk through it. It has a lot of moving parts and new technology, making it a complex project. The ship has a large cargo capacity and allows players to buy and transport cargo between stations.

Overall, despite some challenges and delays, progress is being made on both the San’tok.yāi and Hull C ships. Though some players have been critical of recent issues with the game, there is optimism that these updates represent a step in the right direction and that the rest of the year and next year will bring further improvements.