SaltEMike Reacts to the Star Citizen Monthly Report | June 2023

In the June 2023 monthly report for Star Citizen, SaltEMike gives a detailed breakdown of the various updates and developments in the game. He starts with AI Tech, mentioning ongoing work on nav mesh and allowing NPCs to enter and exit airlocks from outside the ship. The animation team is working on improving swarms and character art focuses on dusters and Headhunter items. The ship art section is shorter, as there are no big ship sales coming up, but there are mentions of progress on the Apollo and Santokia.

The mission feature team is proud of their progress, redirecting their efforts towards cargo hauling and ship piracy missions. They are also working on a Dynamic event called Blockade Runner to replace the Nine Tails Lockdown mission. The team is focused on improving the player experience and introducing reputation systems for in-game organizations. Additionally, they are refining the prison escape mission and enhancing various race tracks.

The report also highlights developments in character art, weaponry, lighting, and inventory systems. The graphics team is working on improvements, while the interactables team is devising unique props. The narrative team is making progress with the Pyro system, and the animation team has integrated changes to the DNA system. Overall, the report suggests advancements in various aspects of the game, with a particular focus on missions, reputation systems, and player experience.