SaltEMike Reacts to Star Citizen's Master Modes and AC Updates

SaltEMike reacts to the latest updates in Star Citizen’s Master Modes and Arena Commander, including improvements to combat experience based on player feedback, ship differences, weapon changes, and new experimental Master mode options. He also mentions a giveaway for 100 X1 vehicles, discusses potential challenges and live patch issues, and expresses his excitement for the event and ongoing PvP discussions.

In a video, SaltEMike reacts to the latest updates in Star Citizen’s Master Modes and Arena Commander. The first major update is Patch Watch, which focuses on feedback from players. The initial test of the Master Modes in patch 320 was overwhelming for SaltEMike, as he found it difficult to adapt to the new flight model. However, feedback from players has led to improvements in combat experience, such as removing the rule that reduced weapon size if attached to a gimbal. There will also be adjustments to tricording restrictions and the ability to balance boost ramping independently for each ship.

The focus of the next update is ship differences, with the Gladius light fighter being agile and durable, the Super Hornet being a medium fighter with impressive agility, the Buccaneer being a medium interceptor with great speed, and the Vanguard heavy fighter having higher damage output. Weapon changes have also been made, with increased ranges and added spread to all weapons. Additionally, there are new experimental Master mode options in Arena Commander, such as Squadron race, Endless Vandal swarm, and Free Flight.

Jake, another member of the Star Citizen community, shares news about a giveaway where 100 X1 vehicles will be awarded to players. Players will have the opportunity to participate in designated game modes at specific time slots, with the requirement of being in the top three to receive an X1. The release date for patch 3.2.2 to go live is mentioned as December 15th.

SaltEMike acknowledges that getting into the games for the giveaway may be challenging and states that he already has an X1, so he won’t be actively participating. He also mentions the possibility of live patch issues as the developers have two days left to ensure everything is running smoothly. SaltEMike concludes by sharing his excitement for the event and mentioning the ongoing PvP discussions that often occur in the Patch Watch threads.