SaltEMike Reacts to Can Star Citizen Raise 1 Billion Dollars?

SaltEMike discusses the possibility of Star Citizen raising $1 billion in funding, noting the game’s dedicated community and steady increase in funding. However, he raises concerns about the reliance on ship sales, the predominance of high-priced ships sold to “whales,” and the long-term sustainability of funding after the game’s release.

In this video reaction, SaltEMike discusses whether Star Citizen can raise $1 billion in funding. He points out that while the game has a dedicated community and continues to make money through ship sales, there is a difference between raising funds and actually releasing the game. He acknowledges that Star Citizen has already raised $630 million and has a large player base, with the average player spending around $128 on the game. However, he raises concerns about the large, expensive ships being predominantly purchased by “whales” and questions who exactly is buying them. Despite these concerns, he notes that Star Citizen’s funding has been steadily increasing, especially with the recent sale of new ships and the upcoming patch 3.22.

SaltEMike discusses the importance of new players in keeping the money rolling in and mentions that Squadron 42, the single-player component of Star Citizen, could potentially boost funding even further. He acknowledges the progress the game has made in recent years and how it has managed to overcome doubts and allegations about its development. He also mentions the ongoing sale events and the introduction of new ships, including a stunning alien ship and a cargo ship, which fill important roles in gameplay. He notes that two and three-person ships may become popular despite their current limitations in terms of effectiveness.

While SaltEMike believes that Star Citizen could potentially raise over $1 billion in funding before the game’s release, he raises important questions about the future of funding and whether it will continue after the game’s release. He emphasizes the importance of keeping the money earned by the game to support its development and satisfy the players who have invested in it. He mentions the possibility of counting pre-release sales of Squadron 42 towards funding goals and speculates on what the future holds for the game, particularly in terms of reputation systems and maintaining the project long-term.

Overall, SaltEMike acknowledges the impressive funding success of Star Citizen and its potential to raise $1 billion, but also highlights concerns about the game’s development, ship sales, and long-term sustainability.